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Privacy Policy


Newspapirus respects the privacy of the websites which are displayed and also respects the privacy of the readers who use this website as a tool for reaching the information.

Collection of Information

Newspapirus does only collect the information which is accessable to everyone. Thus, the collected information is content-free information. For the readers, Newspapirus do not take or store the IP addresses. The only information is the general stats which rendered by Google Analytics and furthermore some part of this information is displayed on the stats. The "Add Url, Report Error and Contact information which are taken from the readers is also not published without the permission of the reader. Yet, it is also not stored in the database.

The Rights of Objection

Since Newspapirus is a website which displays free-accessable services, any permission is taken from the owners of the external websites. Nevertheless, if you are a representative who has one of the external services displayed on Newspapirus, you have rights to wish removing the related links. Newspapirus is sensitive both to representatives' and the readers' rights.

Change of Policy and Information

In case of any information or policy change, every user has right to reach it. Newspapirus is aware of the situation and responsible to convey the changes.