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Newspapirus is designed by students in 23 September 2013 and it is not a company.

The objective of Newspapirus is to collect all national and regional online newspapers, magazines of the world and publish the links to help people to reach the news readily. As displaying the content to the readers, we also aim to interact with them so the readers can contact us and add the newspapers which are not available.

While adding the content, our focus point was being neutral to all political, social and religious ideologies. Therefore, the newspapers are allocated based on the geographical territories (countries) and the content.
According to the news inside the websites, the websites are organized so that the newspapers which release nationwide news are listed on the left column. Popular newspapers are also considered. For the readers' easily reaching the popular newspapers, they are also listed on the top left part of the content.

In the future, if the readers request us to add more content, we are ready to do so with pleasure.

Enjoy your time!